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CYPF Learning and Development Service

The CYPF Learning and Development Service has a leading role in enabling the children’s workforce to enhance their knowledge, to improve skills and practice, service delivery and improve outcomes for children, young people and families.

The Learning and Development Service will drive forward innovative approaches to learning and development, to foster a learning ethos across all roles in the Children’s Workforce.

The core principles of Learning and Development Service are:

  • To provide learning and development support and solutions to the directorate
  • To enable Children's Workforce to be responsible for their CPD supported by Learning & Development appropriate interventions
  • To identify and provide new solutions to developments within specific professional areas.
  • To ensure learning and development solutions are delivered within budget allocation.
  • To identify, prioritise, deliver and evaluate the Learning and Development using an agreed process - impact assessment model.
  • To model agreed behaviours and assure excellent practice (Birmingham Way).

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